Gaddy (LDS) Proposed Class Action Case Status - as of October 25, 2021 (Frequently Asked Questions - Proposed Gaddy (LDS) Class Action )

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June 5, 2023

Frequently Asked Questions - Proposed Gaddy (LDS) Class Action

Gaddy (LDS) Proposed Class Action Case Status - as of October 25, 2021
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Note: This status report has been superseded by our July 26, 2022 Status Report

Good news!

We renewed our Motion seeking leave to file a Second Amended Complaint (2AC) per Judge Shelby’s order of July, 28th. That motion was filed on September 27th and you can find download links below. We have argued that two June 2021 decisions, one by the Supreme Court of Utah (SCOUT) and another by SCOTUS, are favorable to our case.

Defendant did not oppose the motion and so we were granted leave to file the 2AC by Judge Shelby on Oct. 15th and did in fact file it late last Friday, October 22, 2021. A copy can be accessed below.

The Church has 21 days from the 22nd to file their Motion to Dismiss (MTD). We will have 30 days to oppose and then they will reply. Once the briefing is finished, oral argument will be scheduled by Judge Shelby’s docketing clerk, likely not until early next year.

The next update will likely not be until the briefing on the MTD has been completed and we have a date for oral argument.

Thank you for your ongoing support.


• Motion to file 2nd Amended Complaint

• 2nd Amended Complaint

Complaint Exhibits:

• Exhibit 1 (LDS Personal Faith Crisis Report)

• Exhibit 2 (1826 Judge Neely Docket)

• Exhibit 3 (New York Times article from 1912, exposes fraud of Joseph Smith)

• Exhibit 4 (Grammar and Alphabet guide to Egyptian language circa 1835)

• Exhibit 5 (Declaration of David Nielsen formerly of Ensign Peak Advisors)

• Exhibit 6 (Excerpt from Deseret News 2010 article Use Proper Sources)

• Exhibit 7 (Decades Table of Art depicting direct translation of Golden Plates)

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