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Frequently Asked Questions - Proposed Gaddy (LDS) Class Action

What is required to be a member of the proposed Gaddy Class Action (Gaddy vs COP-LDS)
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According to Ms. Burningham: “The Court will ultimately decide whether a class is certified and if so, who can participate. There are many factors which will be considered. If and when the Court does certify a class, and you are included in the scope of that class, you will receive notice and an opportunity to participate—there is nothing more that needs to be done at this time. However, at this time we are not consulting with anyone who remains a record member of the Church. The decision to resign is a personal one and we do not encourage, nor provide advice regarding that decision.”

Paragraph 120 of the Amended Complaint proposes the class definition as follows:

"120. Definition of the proposed class: All who have resigned from the Mormon Church less than four years prior to the date of the filing of the Original Complaint—August 5, 2019 (subject to tolling), and those who resign thereafter and who do not opt-out of the Class."

It is up to the court to ultimately decide on the definition of the class or even if the class will be certified at all.

If you would llike to track the case, log into www.pacer.gov and find Gaddy v. COP, case no. 2:19-cv-00554-RJS. There you will be able to see the docket of filings which will give you the case status.

If you have resigned from the Mormon Church and want to receive additional information about Gaddy v. COP directly from our firm, please provide documented confirmation of your resignation from either an agent of the Church, its attorneys, or QuitMormon as an attachment to your reply to this email. Please also download, execute and return this NDA. To begin that process, click here, complete the form and follow the instructions you will receive.

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